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The Blue Carbon Accelerator Programme, in collaboration  with EY, The Crown Estate and Hogan Lovells, aims to support blue carbon projects and blue carbon ventures, build and develop their ocean impact organisations.


The programme connects Blue Carbon ventures directly to the private sector and ocean investment community.


The 8 week virtual programme provides the networks, investment connections, expertise, coaching and corporate partnerships to accelerate participants’ path to success.


In collaboration with:


Blue carbon Venture Portfolio


with dedicated support, coaching and collaboration  for global Blue Carbon ventures including access to pro bono support, networks, corporate partnerships and investment funds.


raising the profiles of Blue Carbon ventures globally, through offering public speaking opportunities, networking at our exclusive in-person events and pitching at our meet-the-developers event in London.


connecting Blue Carbon ventures directly to the private sector including introductions to our corporate partners, investment connections,  professional networks, peer-to-peer circles and industry expert partners.

scale up

providing technical support & scale up commercial aims with leading experts, including access to pro bono legal support, coaching, investment readiness sessions and expert industry advice

83% of the global carbon cycle is circulated through the ocean

why are we doing this?

The term ‘blue carbon’ recognises the ability of marine ecosystems to capture and store large amounts of carbon. Sea grasses, mangroves, and salt marshes along our coast "capture and hold" carbon, acting as something called a carbon sink. These coastal systems, though much smaller in size than the planet's forests, sequester this carbon at a much faster rate, and can continue to do so for millions of years. For example, mangroves can sequester up to four times more carbon than rainforests can. They are also a vital ecosystem service for indigenous communities all across the world, act as a natural barrier against climate change and harbour vital marine biodiversity.

Whilst blue carbon solutions are increasingly in demand, many promising ideas face significant issues. Only a trickle of blue carbon projects have qualified for the carbon markets to date, and there are significant financial, practical, governance and legal hurdles for projects to overcome.  There is also an exciting new market for ocean carbon dioxide removal ventures and other technology ventures which can help blue carbon projects better monitor, manage and assess blue carbon stocks.


As such, through our blue carbon accelerator programme and in collaboration with EY, The Crown Estate and Hogan Lovells, our aim is to support and accelerate the development of blue carbon projects , blue carbon ventures across the world. Our aim is to better understand the challenges/obstacles that blue carbon projects face,  ensure that indigenous communities are safeguarded throughout and understand how we can utilise technology and innovation to drive forward the blue carbon markets.


Who Are We


Open from 15 November 2022 to 15 January 2023


To take place between 15 January 2023 and 30 January 2023


We'll be hosting 3 events between 15 February 2023 to the 31 April 2023.

programme dates

8 week virtual programme (2-4 hours per week) to take place between 15 May 2023 and 17 July 2023.

meet the developers

At an exclusive one-day event on the 17 July 2023. 


We are currently looking to support 10 Blue Carbon ventures through our programme. The type of Blue Carbon ventures we are looking for include, but are not limited to:

  • Blue Carbon Nature Restoration Projects: which include NGOs, island community groups and/or university-led blue carbon projects, which are working at the forefront of mangrove, seagrass, saltmarsh or kelp restoration. It is essential that these projects support indigenous and local island communities. These can be global projects and we will consider projects at all stages;

  • Technology Ventures: that have technology products or services, to support the acceleration of blue carbon markets including but not limited to: collecting blue carbon ocean data, protecting/conserving/resorting blue carbon ecosystems, monitoring blue carbon ecosystems, assessing blue carbon stocks, developing blue carbon methodologies (such as seagrass), utisiling blockchain/web3 technology platforms, blue carbon marketplaces, blue carbon insurance, financing blue carbon projects; and

  • OCDR Ventures: which include ventures working on macroalgal/microalgae cultivation, deep sea storage, ocean alkalinity, ocean carbon capture and marine ecosystem restoration.

If you are working on a blue carbon project or have a technology product or service that is related to blue carbon and believe that your organisation is not covered within the definition above, please do get in touch with us at

For media enquiries and more information about the programme please contact

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