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AI SDG Accelerator:
Regen AG

In collaboration with:

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Regenerative agriculture offers a transformative approach to addressing climate change, nurturing soil health, sequestering carbon, and fostering biodiversity. It represents a true balance
of agricultural productivity and environmental stewardship.

The program aims to expedite the shift toward regenerative agriculture practices by empowering farmers with the AI tools they need to make data-driven decisions and improve both their efficiency and resilience in the face of climate change.

This unique growth program offers selected ventures personalized mentorship, actionable industry insights, networking and pitching opportunities - all designed with EY team's guidance to help ventures grow and advance the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

6-month program

Which features a dedicated one-to-one EY coach, professional technical workshops and business clinics facilitated by industry-leading collaborators.

Celebrating farmers

Elevate your professional profile and showcase your venture's positive impact for farmers at our in-person events and dedicated pitching showcase.

Building community

Foster strategic connections with other AI ventures and influential private sector entities. Leverage this dynamic peer-to-peer circle to cross-pollinate ideas and resources.

Scaling up SDGs

Gain invaluable technical support and boost your impact with guidance from leading industry experts. Get tailored guidance on how to enhance your venture's appeal to potential costumers and investors.

Why are we doing this?

AI is one of the most transformative technologies of our era. With its unparalleled ability to process immense amounts of data and uncover insights beyond human capacity, AI holds great potential to help tackle profound societal challenges and help advance the SDGs.


This program aims to empower entrepreneurs leveraging AI to scale game-changing AgTech solutions that can drive sustainable progress and equitable access in the agriculture sector.

For general enquiries on the program, please contact


Open March 25th
to 18 June 2024.

Final interviews

To take place in June 2024 and final selection will be announced in early June 2024.

Workshop dates

Technical workshops and consulting calls will be hosted between July and September.

In-person networking

Exclusive networking events will be held throughout the six-month Program.

Pitch event

At an exclusive one-day pitch event designed to connect ventures with potential business leads.

Who Are We
Who is it for?
  • AI-driven solutions for land-based farming applications, including but not limited to:

    • improved soil health;​

    • precision farming;

    • livestock management;

    • irrigation;

    • crop management;

    • nature and biodiversity;

    • data analytics;

    • climate resilience;

    • reducing nitrogen, methane and GHG reduction;

    • crop disease management;

    • weather prediction; and

    • ariel survey and imaging. 

  • Private companies, incorporated for more than a year.

  • Global, based anywhere in the world.

  • A scalable, provable and feasible business proposition, generating consistent revenue and/or undertaken previous seed fundraising rounds and found traction with customers, partners, investors.

  • Demonstrating alignment with multiple UN SDGs focused on environmental issues.

  • We strongly welcome applications from women and diverse founders. 

What do we provide?
  • 6-month program. 

  • A dedicated one-to-one EY coach, professional technical workshops.

  • Ideation advisory sessions with EY team's curated to solving your business requirements needs.

  • Community: regular in-person meet ups and peer-to-peer community calls with other land farming AI founders.

  • Access to networks and technology workshops: personal invitation to attend our exclusive in-person networking events, introductions to our corporate and land farming AI industry partners.

  • Pitching opportunities to funders, corporates and partners.

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