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Sustain.AI Collective

Powering Sustainable Futures With AI

What is Sustain.AI Collective?

Sustain.AI Collective aims to create a collaborative ecosystem where private sector leaders and innovative entrepreneurs converge to leverage artificial intelligence for sustainable development.

Our collective is dedicated to accelerating the deployment of AI solutions that address global environmental challenges, driving economic growth while ensuring the well-being of our planet.

By joining our community of industry leaders integrating AI for sustainability, you will receive access to exclusive insights, and connect with startups and innovators through our accelerator programme for early access to transformative technologies.

As an exclusive collective, we offer…

Get up to speed: Receive exclusive access to unique opportunities to delve into AI-driven sustainability and discover the trends to benefit your business.

Build your network: Through collaborative engagement, connect with like-minded leaders for impactful collaboration and learn from leading AI sustainability founders.


Specialised learning and trialling innovation: Gain access to workshops, seminars and training to upskill experience around AI in sustainability. 

Sustain.AI Collective. Bright Tide Accelerator Programme.jpg
Sustain.AI Collective. Bright Tide Accelerator Programme.jpg

How do we faciliate innovation?

Through our accelerator programme, Sustain.AI fosters innovation that addresses global challenges while promoting ethical and sustainable AI practices. By providing resources, mentorship and best-practice frameworks, we ensure that startups not only thrive but also create a positive impact.


Join a community where private sector leaders gain insights and early access to AI innovations, while startups receive support, coaching, networks, partnerships, and investment opportunities.


Raise your profile by leveraging AI for transformative sustainability solutions. Gain keynote speaking opportunities, network at exclusive in-person events, and attend our AI pitch event in London.


Gain advanced AI and sustainability skills through training, workshops, and webinars. Sponsors access a skilled workforce in cutting-edge technologies, while participants innovate and implement sustainable solutions, fostering leadership in tech's evolving landscape.


Build awareness of key risks and navigate challenges in AI deployment for sustainability, including legal and policy frameworks, as well as moral and ethical considerations.

Sustain.AI Collective. Bright Tide Accelerator Programme.jpg

Join the new AI Collective

Are you ready to shape the future of AI and sustainability innovation together?

Sustain.AI Collective. Bright Tide Accelerator Programme.jpg


Accelerator applications will open for AI ventures on 16th October 2024 and close 22nd December 2024


Interviews for AI ventures will take place in January 2025. Final selection will be made by 27 January 2025.


We will be hosting two events on 27th January 2025 and 14th February 2025

programme dates

1 month virtual programme to take place between 3rd February 2025 and shall end on 3rd March 2025

meet the BUYERS

An exclusive pitching event in March 2025

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