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Tropical Leaves


up to 150 participants

keynote speaker & discussion panels


innovative solutions 

This multi-day event aims to produce innovative solutions to different climate and biodiversity challenges that your organisation may be facing. With talks and panels from international experts, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with clients and business prospects, provide an entire volunteering day for employees and make a real impact on helping your organisation meet its sustainability goals. 


The hackathon includes:

  • A climate change or biodiversity topic selected by your staff from options provided by Bright Tide.

  • A lunch and learn session one month prior to event to introduce the challenge and encourage your employees to sign up.

  • Hack packs sent one week prior to event to help participants to prepare.

  • Virtual or in person delivery depending on restrictions and preference.

  • Multiple talks and guidance from sustainability experts, in-depth exploration of the challenge, extended team breakout sessions to develop solutions and presentations from each challenge team.

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