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bright ideas can #turnthetide for our planet.

empowering organisations to take action on biodiversity loss and climate change. 

ABOUT bright tide

Bright Tide works with businesses to address urgent climate and biodiversity challenges around the world. 

We work with private sector clients to educate employees (and their clients) about pressing environmental issues and host collaborative events where employees can work together to develop new solutions to global conservation issues.

Through our thriving nature-based solution venture membership, we also work with leading organisations that can help you meet vital net zero and biodiversity targets. 


Only by working together can we #turnthetide on biodiversity loss and avert a climate catastrophe. 


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annual programme

Our tidal annual programmes consisting of hackathons, workshops, lunch'n'learns and webinars.

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A two day conservation workshop for maximum environmental impact

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Afternoon workshop

Flexible conservation workshop, ideal for busy employees and clients

Tropical Leaves

"From all of us here at Kennedys, thank you for inviting us to take part in this brilliant event. The presentations and the speakers were fantastic."  

lewis, associate at kennedys law